R Is For Rugby Fundraiser!


We are running a fundraiser this summer selling the children's book. R is For Rugby: An Alphabet Book. The book is written by USA Eagle Mike Petri. Books are selling for $20 each and are full color and hardcover.

We will be hanging out at this weekend's flag rugby tournament in Cranford or you can order from this link:

R Is For Rugby Fundraiser


The Mudturtles have an official nutrition sponsor

The Mudturtles have an official nutrition sponsor

The Union County Mudturtles would like to take this opportunity to announce that the Lady Mudturtles have secured a new sponsor for the 2016/17 rugby season and beyond. The club has partnered with the sports nutrition company, Ruck Science. The partnership will begin August, 1st of this year and is completely open-ended.

Nutrition for Rugby

Ruck Science provides nutrition for rugby players. The company is based out of Austin, TX and is owned and managed by a group of rugby players who were sick of buying supplements designed for bodybuilders. The company now makes a range of nutritional supplements that aim to help rugby players perform, recover and live better.

Guaranteed quality

The folks at Ruck Science have had independent testing done on all their products which has confirmed that none of the ingredients are on the IRB's banned substances list. While you should always confirm the veracity of claims by supplement makers, this should give everyone some confidence in their products. If you're concerned about making sure what you ingest is completely safe the W.A.D.A has a handy iPhone app you can use to check ingredients on the fly. 

About the partnership

This partnership isn't a traditional sponsorship. So the Mudturtles won't be getting cash up front. Instead, Ruck Science has a profit sharing model which is designed to support rugby clubs based on the purchasing behaviour of members. The company provides an incentive-based program where the Mudturtles receive a donation of up to 20% of every order that includes “Union County” as the customer's rugby club. It makes sense for us to support these guys and the club in the process when we're buying stuff like whey protein, BCAAs and pre-workout powders.

Before you purchase

There are four things to keep in mind if you want to try their products and compare them to other supplement manufacturers:

  1. They've just launched rewards program. So be sure to register for it before you make your first purchase. You get rewarded for referrals, reviews and every purchase you make.
  2. Check out their supplement sample stack which is a carrying case for supplements that comes loaded with their products. It's a great deal for $19.95 even if you decide not to buy from them in the future.
  3. When you checkout on their website, MAKE SURE TO ENTER “Mudturtles” or “Union Country” as the rugby club you play for so they can send the club its donation.
  4. The company has a library of rugby training resources. Checkout the free rugby downloads for some cool stuff.


If you've used any Ruck Science products and have feedback, either positive or negative, please share it with the other members of the Mudturtles so that we can all go into this with our eyes open.


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